Schedule Maintenance Of The Glove Box

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Etelux reminds you that in addition to the regular inspection of the glove box, the every day servicing do the job of the glovebox is also essential

1. Right before and soon after every work, 1st clear the setting to make the floor dry and thoroughly clean. Then clear the machines, together with the interior and outer surfaces of the glove box, the observation system, the get the job done surface, etc., to be cost-free of particles and clean up.

two. Cautiously document the water, oxygen content material, and gas consumption of the devices in the glove box just about every working day to stay away from insufficient fuel force and cause the machines to prevent working.

3. Pay focus to the quantity of gasoline in the doing work gas cylinder at any time and exchange it in time.

four. In case of energy failure, press the "vacuum pump" button on the panel to make the vacuum pump operate after ability on

five. Take note: Immediately after electricity on, if there is a dilemma that it can't start off, the risk is that the vacuum pump electric power cable is loosely related. The second rationale is that the vacuum pump’s individual change is not turned on

6. When you want to put the sample into the glove box, use a compact transition chamber as much as feasible. In advance of opening the transition door, spend notice to whether or not the force gauge pointer on the valve cavity is at the zero position. If it is, you can open up it specifically if not, you need to turn the switch less than the valve cavity to the "filling" position to allow the gasoline enter the glove box changeover compartment, and then switch the swap back again to the intermediate place, then you can open the transition compartment Place the sample in the door, and then close the doorway. When putting samples, be cautious not to touch the interior wall of the transition chamber with your palms, don gloves to select and area the sample

Accomplishing these program routine maintenance duties can lower the reduction level of the glove box, extend the service existence of the glove box, and also reduce the incidence of incidents