Motor Titan 775 10-Flip 16.8 Volts 1

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High Torque Motor-torque will get its spin from the largest brushed motor supplied by Traxxas, the Titan 775. This massive mill is geared up with a fan-cooled 5-pole armature for non-cease off-street adventure, and an extra wrap of steel across the can for optimum magnetic discipline strength-which means extra torque to tame the path and conquer any climb.

A radial piston hydraulic motor has a bank of cylinders arranged like a car engine with a collection of pistons riding on cams along a camshaft, which is hooked up to the output shaft. The reciprocating motion of the pistons gives rotary motion to the camshaft/output shaft that is tapped for energy. In another variation cylinders are organized radially like that of an aircraft engine with the pistons transferring inwards to push towards a cam located in middle causing it to rotate. The cam is mechanically linked to the output shaft/workload. Yet one more type of radial piston hydraulic motor with cylinders placed radially like an aircraft engine has the pistons moving outwards to push against cams in a housing that surrounds the motor. This makes the housing rotate. The rotating housing is tapped for energy. These motors are generally used as wheel motors and for other suitable purposes like forklifts and so forth.

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